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* Lifetime Written Guarantee *

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Pompey Collision will guarantee the workmanship of repairs 
(excluding rust perforation) for as long as you own the vehicle.

The repairs covered by this warranty are only those that relate to
the estimate and/or final bill which has been paid in full.


This Limited Lifetime Warranty is not transferable.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover repairs and/or damage/expenses; which do not relate the repairs on the estimate and final bill.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty also does not cover normal wear and tear, not damage caused by improper maintenance or unreasonable use.

If the workmanship or materials supplied by Pompey Collision are defective or fail while you own the vehicle, then Pompey Collision, at its sole option, will repair the defective repair.

The warranty for salvage assemblies (i.e. engines, transmissions, etc.) included on the final estimate/bill will be covered by the salvage yards warranty exclusively.

Pompey Collision will not warrant any repairs not completed by Pompey Collision nor will Pompey Collision forward warranted by this Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty will remain in effect as long as you own your vehicle.

This is the sole and complete liability of Pompey Collision.

This Warranty is in effect for the date repairs are completed. Your vehicle and repairs done to your vehicle are on file

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