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Q: I’ve just had an accident, what should I do first?

A: First thing is…is everyone okay? If someone needs medical attention, that should be the first priority. Then, you have a choice, you can call Pompey Collision directly at (570) 288-6576 and we can arrange towing, and will notify your insurance company and rental car agency if necessary. Or, you can call your insurance company and then us.

Q: My car is only a few years old, will it be a quality repair?

A: Our customer satisfaction rate is in excess of 98% ! This is unheard of in the collision repair business. We do quality repairs the first time, each vehicle is triple checked when complete and cleaned for you. If in the rare event you do find something that needs to be adjusted or rechecked, we do it quickly and with a smile.

Q: How long will my repair take?

A: It does depend on the extent of damage, but we will give you a delivery date as to when it will be complete. Our current repair rate is beating the due date by 1 day right now. So, when you drop it off, you will know when it will be done. If in the event the vehicle is held up due to your insurance company handling the claim slowly or a parts shortage of some kind, we will notify asap.

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